1st Children's Drawing Contest
"Jaguars in Latin America"


We announce with joy the "1st Children's Drawing Contest - Jaguars in Latin America" winners. Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia were the participant countries; but also children from Bolivia sent their drawings.

3 categories were awarded: 5 - 6 years old, 7 - 8 years old, and 9 - 10 years old. There are 3 official winners selected on the continent, also there are honorable mentions for each country.

The winners for each category are:
Note: Some names were modified by the children parents request.

5 and 6 years old category:
1st Place: Yves Eduardo Blancas Castro - Chilpancingo, México
2nd Place: Emily Valderruten - Colombia
3rd Place: Renata 1c - CDMX
Honorable mention: Santiago Navarro Cruz - Colombia

7 to 8 years old category:

1st Place: Antonia García Roldán - Colombia
2nd Place: André Osorio Quiceno - Colombia
3rd Place: Ángela Jaqueline Jojoa - Colombia
Honorable mention: Samia Corres Domit - México

9 and 10 years old category:

1st Place: Vicente Asuero - Colombia
2nd Place: Laura Sofía Arango Rojas - Colombia
3rd Place: Ángeloa Jaqueline Jojoa - Colombia
Honorable mention: Ángel Hiram Domínguez Solís - Michoacán, México

In Mexico we had a honorific category for 4 years old children:

1st Place: Martina Rec B - CDMX
2nd Place: María M. Rec B - CDMX
3rd Place: Farah Alexa García Martínez - CDMX

We also appreciate the participation of the Bolivian children who will receive their certificate of participation.

• Fabio Arturo Velasco Peña
• Faviana Velasco Peña
• Emily Quenta Aguilera

Thus, PANTHERA and its educational and outreach program for children Panthera Kids thanks the more than 100 boys and girls who made an incredible effort to capture the jaguar, their house and their friends in their drawings.

Each and every one of you will receive a certificate of appreciation for your effort signed by "Professor Manchitas"!

Panthera will contact the winners and participants.


Your contribution is of great help!

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