1st Children's Drawing Contest
"Jaguars in Latin America"

• 5 and 6 years old
• 7 and 8 years old
• 9 and 10 years old

• All Latin American boys and girls who so decide can participate.
• Each child must draw a picture with the theme of The jaguar, his house and his friends. Let it illustrate what jaguars are like, where they live and with whom they share their habitat; in the country and community where the child lives.
• Each boy or girl can only participate with one drawing.
• Each drawing will be received by email. The subject or subject must say the country and the child's name: "Country_contest_child's name"
• Each drawing must have the name of the child, his age, the name of his community, the country where he lives and contact information.
• The technique for drawing is free.
• The consent of the authors of the drawings will be requested to integrate their work into a socio-environmental study, it is enough to mark with an "X" YES or NO in the box in the format.
• The drawing must be made on a letter size sheet (See example), the format can be downloaded at this link. DOWNLOAD
Drawings from all over Latin America will be received , only participants from Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica will be considered for the award.
• Boys and girls from other countries will be able to send their drawing and they will be given proof and will be considered, if chosen, for the Month of the Jaguar Gala 2021.

Selection and awards
• Three drawings per category will be awarded with a PantheraKit throughout the contest.
• In addition to the winning drawings, 5 drawings will be selected for each category for each country and an Exhibition Gala will be held in the Jaguar Month 2021.
• The jury that will select the winners will be made up of a member of Panthera México, Panthera Colombia and Panthera Costa Rica.
• Each boy or girl who participates will receive a certificate of participation and, if authorized, their drawing will be added to a web page that will show all participants.

First place: 1 Panthera Kit
Second place: 1 Panthera Kit
Third place: 1 Panthera Kit

Important dates
The drawings will begin to be received from October 19 and until November 15 2020.

IMPORTANT!! We are pleased to announce that due to the acceptance that the contest has had in Latin America, we have decided to give an extension for the reception of participating drawings. The new deadline for submitting drawings will be November 25, 2020.

The winners will be announced on the website and social networks of the MONTH OF THE JAGUAR. |
Children will send their drawing with the help of their parents or an adult to the email eventos@panthera.org, the email must have as subject "Country_contest_child's name".

If a representative of a Civil Association, Government Office (municipal, state or federal) or member of the community that has a presence in rural areas and wants to serve as a link, they can contact us and establish communication via email: eventos@panthera.org

Any aspect not contemplated in this call will be addressed by a trinational technical committee: México - Colombia - Costa Rica.

MORE INFO: jpena@panthera.org

Your contribution is of great help!

Contact information

At PANTHERA we strive every day to contribute to the conservation of the jaguar and we appreciate all the contributions received. Contact us by phone or e-mail, our collaborators will gladly assist you.