Jaguar Inspired Design Contest.

We make a national call (Mexico) to connect Design and Art with the awareness and conservation of the Jaguar!

Our call is for STUDENTS and PROFESSIONALS in the ART and DESIGN field; to participate in this contest where the purpose is to create an ECO-FRIENDLY clothing piece that symbolizes the jaguar, in 2 open categories:

1- Clothing piece (Male, Female or Unisex)

2- Accesories (This category includes imitation jewelry, hats, bags...)

The participating designs can go from an accessory to a full clothing piece.

On November 29-2020 we officially open the call closing on February 29-2021.


First Stage
• We will open 2 calls: For students and for professionals, inviting them to design an eco-friendly clothing piece for men or women.
• The Call is aimed at independent Universities and Schools nationwide (Mexico).
• Participants are responsible for securing sponsorships for their materials.

Second Stage
• Participants must send a PDF file with their Design Proposal for the 1st review, this review wil be made by a Technical Committee on deadine. Proposals must include an inspiration and technical brief.
• The Committee will select 15 participant designs for each open category, Clothing Piece and Accessory.
• The selected participants must elaborate their Design Proposal and deliver on deadline.
• Evaluation of the elaborated designs will be made by a distinguished jury in Art and Design fields involved with "The Path of the Jaguar".

Third Stage
• In Summer 2021 we will announce the finalists on social networks and live or recorded testimonials will be made about the inspiration or reason for the creation of their pieces.

Fourth Stage
• Invitation to the award ceremony to be held in CDMX in which the finalists will be presented with a Gala Cocktail in November 2021. Event limited to 100 people.
• 1st places in each category will be awarded, Clothing Piece and Accessory. Also there will be honorable mentions for the non winning finalists.

Fifth Stage
• The winning piece will be exhibited in a renowned boutique or store.

Stay tuned to our social networks as we will be publishing news about this convocatory. |

MORE INFO: eventos@panthera.org

Your contribution is of great help!

Contact information

At PANTHERA we strive every day to contribute to the conservation of the jaguar and we appreciate all the contributions received. Contact us by phone or e-mail, our collaborators will gladly assist you.